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MARTIN ALEXANDRE Nape_guide UNCUT Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2017

“Nape Guide” (the project’s title) is an accessory device people can use to visit the exhibition. This item consists on a mechanism reversing human sight: a camera placed in the back of your head, feeds real-time images to a screen placed in front of the eyes -bluntly- you only see what’s behind you.


“Nape Guide” can be requested by visitors, for instance at the same counters where normally audio guides are offered. In that sense, it exists as a camouflaged piece. Using “Nape Guide” challenges the brain’s role as coordinator of the body’s movements, resulting in an unpredictable operation where the user visiting an exhibition becomes the performer.


Normally, organic labour is replaced by technological artifacts because they perform the task more efficiently. In contrast, when this digital prosthesis is added, it subverts the visual organ. The anatomic paradigm becomes obsolete, claiming for a new functioning logic based on experimentation, where the visitor’s tools to work out a modus operandi are memory traces and the trial and error method.





Variations on nape_guide

Nape_guide UNCUT Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2017 MARTIN ALEXANDRE